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Fueling the Future: Biomass District Heating in Canada

Fueling the Future: Biomass District Heating in Canada

District heating (DH) systems have been long-established in Canada, particularly in large urban settings and on university and college campuses. These systems efficiently heat multiple buildings by utilizing centralized heat generation and distribution networks. In recent years, biomass has emerged as a prominent fuel source for DH systems, offering a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional fossil fuels, especially in smaller, more localized applications.

One of the pioneering biomass-fueled DH systems in Canada is the District Energy system in Charlottetown, owned by Enwave, which has been operational for over three decades. This system serves 145 customers and is fueled by 26,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste and 36,000 tonnes of repurposed biomass annually. It has achieved a remarkable 90% reduction in municipal landfilling volume and has displaced 6.5 million gallons of fuel oil, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, for every dollar spent on biomass fuels, 70 cents circulate within the local economy, demonstrating the economic benefits of biomass district heating. Continue Reading HERE

Prefabricated Biomass Boiler plant in Yellowknife NWT
J&R Mechanical Pre-fabricated Biomass Heating Plant

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Fink Machine Wins at Canadian Biomass Awards

Fink Machine wins Honorable Mention at Canadian Biomass Awards

Fink Machine Inc has received and Honorable mention in the 2024 Biomass awards. Fink received the award in the Business of the Year award based on all the work in a variety of projects across Canada.

Saanich Commonwealth Games Pool Biomass Boiler
Saanich Commonwealth Games Pool Biomass Boiler


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Burkhard Fink Wins Award

Burkhard Fink recognized with Lifetime Achievement Award

Picture of Burkhard Fink
Burkhard Fink Award Winner

With a career spanning two decades, Burkhard Fink (owner of Fink Machine) has not only shaped the industry but has also established a sustainable pathway for the future. This year, his achievements are being recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2024 Canadian Biomass Awards.

Find out more about Burkhard in this article in Canadian Biomass Awards

Fink Machine to Distribute Directly

Press Release – March 19, 2024

Fink Machine Inc., Canada’s largest supplier of commercial biomass boilers is excited to announce that we have simplified our supply chain in an effort to reduce cost for our clients. Fink Machine will now be sourcing biomass boilers directly from European Manufacturer Mawera Holzfeuerungsanlagen GmbH. The Vitoflex 300 RF and Vitoflex 300 UF boilers previously distributed by Viessmann Canada will now return to their original model names of Pyrot (RF) and Pyrotec (UF). The boilers will continue to be both ASME and CSA certified for all variants. Fink Machine would like to thank Viessmann Canada for all their support over the past 16 years. We look forward to an exciting future dealing directly with Mawera.


Fink Machine has been distributing Biomass boilers sine the early 2002’s. Originally Fink supplied KOB boilers manufactured in Austria. In 2007, KOB was purchased by Viessmann, a large diversified German boiler manufacturer. Viessmann Canada continued to supply the popular Pyrot and Pyrotec boilers to Fink Machine. As part of a move to standardize names Viessmann rebranded the Pyrot and Pyrotec to the Vitoflex 300-RF and Vitoflex 300-UF respectively. In 2020 Mawera took over the biomass division of Viessmann, while the biomass boilers continued to be distributed in North America by Viessmann Canada.

About Fink Machine

Fink Machine Inc is Canada’s Largest supplier of commercial Biomass boilers. Fink Machine has installed over 170 boilers totalling over 55 MW of biomass heating capacity. In addition to Mawera Boilers, Fink also distributes the Viessmann Vitoligno residential pellet boilers and Schmid industrial biomass boilers.

About Mawera

Mawera has been building industrial biomass boiler systems for energy production since 1975. Mawera are partners for the entire life cycle of your system. Mawera is geared directly to your everyday work. Their experienced employees will provide you with highly competent support with detailed service program. They offer you tailor-made maintenance contracts, remote maintenance in the event of a fault, as well as comprehensive, professional spare parts management.

Sicamous Bio-Heat Facility Up and Running

Just in time for cooler temperatures, the Sicamous Community Bio-Heat Facility is up and running.

A year-and-a-half after breaking ground on April 22, 2022 (Earth Day), the district announced the facility is fully operational and ready to supply cost-effective alternative energy to properties in the industrial park.

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The Sicamous Biomass District Heating Centre
The Sicamous Biomass District Heating System built by Fink Machine Inc.

Check Out our New Video

Fink Machine has just released a new video showcasing some of our capabilities. Check it out on our YouTube channel as well as some of the other interesting videos we have on offer.

RF 540 kW Boiler

Biomass Boiler Daily Checklist

Have you ever wondered about operating a biomass boiler. We have created a video showing the daily operation of a typical biomass boiler. The video

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Biomass Heating Funding Now Available

The Government of Canada recently announced funding for biomass heating projects as part of the Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities (CERRC). The program identifies