Reducing the Carbon Footprint
of North America,

One Installation at a Time!

Over 100 Successful Installations and Climbing.

High quality Bioenergy Equipment

to Suit Your Commercial,
Institutional, and Industrial
Heating Requirements

Fink Machine Works to

Displace Millions of Litres
of Fuel Oil Annually

Over 100 Clean Energy Sites & Growing!


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Fink Machine Inc. supplies high quality wood chip and wood pellet boilers to suit your Commercial, Institutional and/or Industrial heating requirements. Our fully automatic wood fired boilers complete the entire wood waste to bioenergy process …saving you money, while reducing your wood waste as well as reducing your carbon foot print.

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Grill Pool

Challenge 2018

Fink Machine was recently nominated by the Viessmann factory in Austria for the Grill Pool Challenge. The Challenge has been in Europe for the past few years and it has now crossed the pond. The challenge is simple.. in theory. We just had to create a video showing how we grill and hang out at the pool. Unfortunately the Enderby swimming pool is closed in November. Check it out as we over come this by creating our own pool. Luckily we had lots of hot water from our biomass district energy system to heat it.

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Randal Armitage

Kalamalka Research Station B.C. Ministry of Forests

Burkard was very easy to work with, he had a plan, he knew what he was doing, the installation went in very easily… They respond really fast in those shoulder seasons where I’m doing outside work and I’m really busy.

John Disney

Economic Development Manager Old Massett Village Council - Haida Gwaii

They know their stuff, they’ve proved it where they’ve put in these machines and some of them are just amazing. The greatest thing about Fink was the relationship. If you have a good relationship you can do anything.

Peter Robinson

Community Energy Association

This is really something special... This is a major way that small communities can really do something about carbon emissions and also in terms of generating business locally.

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