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Schmid UTSK

Underfeed Stoker Firing System Boiler 550 kW – 900 kW

The UTSK Biomass Boiler is designed for wood fuels including chips, residuals and bark, up to 50% moisture. Fuel is passed from below into the high-alloy casting combustion retort of the UTSK underfeed stoker furnace. The complete combustion chamber is lined with fireproof material, thereby producing a high furnace temperature even in case of wet fuel. A radiation roof, which varies according to the material, is placed over the combustion chamber. The primary air is passed into the combustion retort through the cast-iron bars, where a steady gasification of the combustion material commences. The secondary air that is passed into the combustion chamber leads to optimum combustion and therefore low emission. The ash is removed over a full-combustion grate. Under the full-combustion grate, there is a screw conveyor that conveys the ash directly into an ash collection box or container. The furnace is fully flushed with primary and secondary air and combined with the highly effective insulation, there is minimum radiation. A suitably dimensioned 3-pass flue boiler is installed above the furnace. The multiple dry cyclone is installed directly behind the heat exchanger and therefore receives an optimum flow.

Schmid UTSR

Moving Grate Firing Boiler 550 kW – 6500 kW

The UTSR Biomass Boiler is designed for wood fuels including chips, pellets, residuals bark and some alternative fuels, up to 60% moisture. The UTSR boiler unit is equipped with a flat feed grate and also suitable for fuel with a high ash content. The fuel is passed into the furnace from the rear of the furnace on the flat feed grate with high-alloy casting grate bars. The grate bars are designed that they overlap on both sides and the minimum fuel slips through the grate. Furthermore, the grate is designed to enable a clear, uniform distribution of the primary air supplied to the various zones, thereby creating a steady, undisturbed gasification zone. The grate carriage has a hydraulic drive, so that the movement intervals can be automatically adjusted to the capacity. The complete combustion chamber is lined with fireproof material, thereby producing a high furnace temperature even in case of wet fuel. An additional, full-combustion roof with furnace lining is provided above the radiation cover in the combustion room, which varies according to the fuel. The secondary air supplied to the combustion chamber and the full-combustion stage makes possible a stepped combustion that results in optimum combustion and a reduction in the NOX value in the exhaust gases. This results in low emission values. The ash is transported slowly to the end of the grate and then to the automatic ash removal system. If so desired, an ash removal system can also be installed under the grate. With this system, any fuel that falls through the grate is transported with the grate ash directly to an ash bucket or container, by an ash screw conveyor.

Mawera Pyrot

Rotary Combustion Boiler 150kW – 540kW

The Pyrot (previously the VITOFLEX 300-RF) Biomass Boiler is a cost effective designed for up to 35% moisture wood chips or wood pellets. It is designed for heating large buildings and community heating systems.

Mawera Pyrotec

Moving Grate Combustion Boiler 390kW – 1250kW

The Pyrotec (previously the VITOFLEX 300-UF) biomass boiler combines underfeed combustion with a moving grate. It is suitable for wood chips or wood pellets up to 50%. It is designed for high usage and larger buildings and district energy.

Howe Sound Secondary
Howe Sound Secondary School - Squamish BC

Fink Machine Inc. has biomass heating solutions for commercial (MURB, Hotels), industrial (Furniture & Forestry operations), institutional facilities (hospitals, schools, corrections & universities), recreational complexes (aquatic & arena) and District Energy (Hay River, Becheko & Enderby) to name a few. 

Wood Chip or Wood Pellet Extraction System

Fink Machine Inc. can also design, build and install fuel handling systems for any biomass boiler configuration and layout. Fink has installed fuel delivery systems including supplying fuel from a single storage to multiple boilers or a single boiler with multiple pick-ups. Fink has also designed and installed a variety of truck unloading systems to meet any type of delivery vehicle. 

Biomass Boilers:
Features and Benefits

Our in-house design team can provide all the required drawings required for engineering, installation and operation. We pioneered the design and fabrication of containerized biomass boiler systems in custom fabricated building and standard shipping containers all assembled in our 7000 sq ft manufacturing facility. Our facility is heated by our own district heating system with onsite chip boiler. We provide peace of mind that we are not going anywhere and our focus is quality finished products. Think Fink.

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Fink Machine Inc.: Since 2003, 180 Wood Chip and Wood Pellet boilers installations & counting

Mawera, Viessmann and Schmid: 35+ years, 10,000 biomass Boiler installations & counting

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