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Case Study: District of Lillooet


The Lillooet Community Biomass Energy Project (BEP) was a $705,000 capital investment to install a new pellet boiler and upgrade the Lillooet Recreation Centre (REC) heating system. The project involved replacing one of the older used propane boilers with a new 400 kW Viessmann pellet boiler. The new boiler supplies 80-85% of the heat demand for the entire REC. The project also saw upgrades done to the building heating system and the joining of the two separate heating systems. The pellet boiler is housed in a standalone container outside the building. There is also a 45 tonne pellet storage silo.

The Biomass Energy Project has resulted in approximately $26,000 in annual savings for the District of Lillooet

Case Study: Fink Enderby District Energy

Fink Enderby District Energy is the first privately-funded biomass district energy system operating as a Private Utility under 1 MW in western Canada. The district system currently serves 11 clients including residential, commercial and industrial customers while maintaining capacity for future growth. The system has a 540 kW wood chip boiler and 1.6 km of trenches

Fink Enderby District Energy’s low carbon, wood biomass fuel is supplied by local sawmills, wood product manufacturers and wood waste diverted from landfills and businesses within a two-hour radius. The results at full capacity, is the system is expected to consume consume 600 tonnes of locally-sourced, renewable wood fuel annually while helping to mitigate approximately 400 tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Enderby DE front view

Schedule a tour in Enderby, BC and you can see our District Energy System as well as three other distinct Kinds of Wood Biomass installations, all within 30 minute drive: