New Biomass District Heating System in Yellowknife

J&R Mechanical in Yellowknife there new 390 kW biomass district heating system that is expected to be online by the end of February 2021. Initially the system connects to 4 buildings, including 3 privately owned ones and the NWT government central warehouse. The system is expected to displace about 60,000 litres of oil or about 90% of the current usage. The biomass district heating system will be fueled using wood pellets but they are also exploring the potential to use locally sourced and produced wood chips. The Viessmann Vitoflex 300-UF boiler was assembled as a prefabricated boiler house including boiler, equipment and controls by Fink Machine Inc. in Enderby, BC. The completed boiler plant was shipped to site. Checkout the full article at For more information on the Viessmann Vitoflex 300-UF boiler and other boiler Fink Machine sells check out our full line of boilers